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When the computer goes down there's no time to muck around... call Thunderbolt!
When your computers are in trouble, we come to you. On-site computer repairs. 7 days, 24 hours. No kidding.
Our Services - a thumbnail outline of all the things we do

Thunderbolt Technologies provides a full range of professional IT&T services for our customers. Our work can be broken down into four categories:

You can read more about each one below.
Have laptop.... will travel!

We provide a full computer repair service and specialise in on-site repair work. We respond quickly and usually have your system back in working order either the same day or the next day. Common problems we can quickly solve for you include:

  • Slow Performance
  • Operating System Failure
  • Internet Connections
  • Illegal Operations
  • Errors
  • Hardware Failure
  • Hardware Conflicts
  • Freeze Ups
  • System Won't Shut Down
  • Memory Problems
  • Printing Problems
  • Virus Problems

We also carry out hardware and software installations; virus removal and prevention; and network maintenance (eg: adding extra workstations to existing networks).

In addition, we also offer regular maintenance plans where we visit your premises on a regular basis; audit all your machines; and correct any defects we discover. This service prevents problems occurring in the first place.

We provide a full range of system security services for our customers to ensure that their computers operate smoothly and that they're insured against IT disasters. These include:
  • Software upgrades - if you use Microsoft Windows software the flow of security updates seems never-ending. We ensure that our clients' systems are fully protected with the latest security patches.
  • Virus Protection - you only need to have your office systems wiped out once by a virus to realise you can't afford to have it happen again. We ensure our clients' systems have the best anti-virus protection available. 
  • Off-Site Backup Services - we can create regular back-ups of your files to prevent data loss. These backups are then removed to a secure offsite location for you, ensuring you have full disaster recovery capabilities if a fire, flood or even a hard-disk meltdown should ever happen.
  • System Ghosting - we can take exact copies of perfectly-working machines so that these can be fully restored in minutes if they later need to be.
  • Firewall Solutions - if you use broadband and/or connect your office systems to the Internet, you'll need a firewall to ensure that your systems can't be hacked by outsiders. We can advise you about this and set up a firewall for you.

Our major specialty! If your computer or network falls over, we'll come to your premises and repair it for you. You can either use our:
  • Next Day Service  - where we'll visit your business the next working day, or our
  • 4 Hour Response Service - where we'll visit your premises within 4 hours or less, depending on where you're located and where our repair staff are at the time.

You can find out our fees for these services further below.

When you need to upgrade your existing systems (or add or upgrade an Internet connection), we provide a professional and impartial advisory service. In a one-to-one consultation, we assess what your real needs are and then provide a list of the equipment you'll need along with an assessment of what the fair price for those things is going to be.

We're also happy to carry out installation and upgrade work for you - and to help minimise staff disruption, to do this work after hours or on weekends.

Our Fees - our standard fee scale and terms of business

Emergency Computer Breakdowns

We don't charge for travelling time but we do charge a call-out fee which is scaled according to the distance your premises are located from our Toowoomba office. In addition, we charge an hourly rate for the time we have to spend at your premises. And if we have to replace any of your hardware components, we charge these components at competitive prices. You'll always be advised of the cost of components before we undertake any replacement.

We have two levels of service: our Next Day Service (where we guarantee to visit your premises the next working day) and our 4 Hour Response Service (where we guarantee to visit your premises within 4 hours or less of your call).

 Next Day Response Service
 Call-Out Fee:
 Within 50km
 General Repair Work (per hour)
 $50.00 to $77.00*
 Networking Work (per hour)
 $77.00 to $99.00*
Note: Clients who have maintenance contracts with us attract our lower hourly rates.

 4 Hour Response Service
 Call-Out Fee:
 Mondays to Fridays
 On-Site Work:
 Mondays to Fridays
 +$22.00 per hour
 +$44.00 per hour
 +$66.00 per hour
Note: Fees shown above are in addition to our normal Next Day Response rates.


Regular Client Plans

If you're interested in our preventative maintenance plans; remote network administration services or backup and disaster recovery services, we can tailor a package to suit your needs. You'll also attract lower fees if you need to use our emergency computer breakdown services (and your need to do this is likely to be greatly reduced too).

Feel free to discuss your needs with us. We don't charge for telephone or email consultations and we may well be able to arrange a no-charge site visit as well.

 Regular Client Plans
 Routine maintenance plans
 from $50.00 per hour
 Dial-in access plans
 from $77.00 per hour


How To Contact Us

The fastest way to contact is to call our mobile: (0427) 763-595.
This number is attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also contact our offices Mondays to Fridays between 9:00am and 5:00pm:

(0427) 763-595
Thunderbolt Technologies Pty Ltd
Call for details

Our ACN number is 105-002-408 and our ABN is 90-105-002-408.


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